Weigh In

Just weighed myself yesterday and I am down 46 pounds since August 2020. I started at a weight of 411 lbs and I am down to 365 which is the lowest I’ve been in 8 years or so. Still a long way to go but it’s a good start.

Ben Carson Campaign Releases Photographic Proof of Early Childhood Stabbing Incident.

Ben Carson Stabbing Photo

Facing allegations of making up his past, the Ben Carson campaign today released a security camera still they claim is from a childhood incident where a young Ben Carson attempted to stab another child in a fit of rage. His campaign manager said “I hope this puts to bed any doubts about the veracity of Ben Carson’s past and proves that when push comes to shove, Ben Carson will cut a bitch.”


The Night Watchman

Chad Newman is the Nightwatchman.

Chad Newman is the Nightwatchman.






I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had performing at the Key West Theater in Bones & Pie. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show. I really loved playing Earl Rogan in the Night Watchman. It’s a beautiful little (by little I mean 25 minute) monologue that was just so gosh darn sweet. It’s a part that I won’t soon forget.